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Ton tetsu: Hey! :-)
Delight Eclipse: o_o! Who are you? -pretends?- XD
Ton tetsu: I don't know... I was hoping you could tell me. :-)
Delight Eclipse: -tilts her chin and thinks- Hmmmm. I'm from planet. I don't even know how to speak with you on the earth. ;P
Ton tetsu: Of course you do... unless I'm talking to myself. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: <_< You don't suit yourself.
Ton tetsu: Aww. That's too bad.
Delight Eclipse: Indeed. negative. ^~:
Delight Eclipse: -walks around and studies Tontetsu for in a minutes- ^~;;;
Delight Eclipse: -giggles to herself- Oh I got it.
Delight Eclipse: I KNOW YOU O_O!
Ton tetsu: Good. Who am I? :p
Delight Eclipse: -giggles- Tontetsu ^^;
Delight Eclipse: So what's up?
Ton tetsu: Not much, just got up early today.
Ton tetsu: And I'm trying to figure out how to deal with my life right now
Delight Eclipse: Oh I see.
Delight Eclipse: Ah.... Respoablities for your own.
Delight Eclipse: of the beginning. i suppose
Ton tetsu: The beginning...
Ton tetsu: One of my students in China wrote "PD set off on a long journey... what a beautiful way to begin or end stories"
Delight Eclipse: mmhmm. ^^:
Delight Eclipse: o.o;
Delight Eclipse: Is something trouble you?
Ton tetsu: Yes.
Delight Eclipse: Ah.
Delight Eclipse: Care to talk about?
Ton tetsu: Sure.
Ton tetsu: It's just...
Ton tetsu: ...I committed to going to some kind of casual event tonight
Ton tetsu: and I'm as nervous as all heck because I have negative social skills
Delight Eclipse: Awww
Ton tetsu: Suffice it to say I'm really lonely these days - no company
Ton tetsu: But I'm really likely to act stupid, which is what's killing me :p
Delight Eclipse: Awww x.x; Join the club.
Ton tetsu: Yeah.
Ton tetsu: Guess that's why we're online. :p
Delight Eclipse: XD
Ton tetsu: Bah.
Delight Eclipse: wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Delight Eclipse: ack
Ton tetsu: Enough of this depressing talk
Delight Eclipse: XD
Ton tetsu: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhat?
Delight Eclipse: I was saying "Awwww " to someone else. you imed as a pop up on me. XD
Ton tetsu: You're welcome. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: o_o!!!!!!!!!
Delight Eclipse: wtf.
Ton tetsu: O_o?
Delight Eclipse: I didn't do anything to say ... why you said you are welcome?
Ton tetsu: Because I know you're thanking me. ;-)
Ton tetsu: You appreciate me taking the time to talk to you.
Delight Eclipse: -blinks- o-o; ohhh
Delight Eclipse: sounds like you wish me to be your mistress. >_>
Ton tetsu: Why should I wish? You already are. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: you know you are a little bad liar! ;P -pets-
Ton tetsu: Oh, darn it, I was pretty sure I was a big liar. :p
Delight Eclipse: XD
Ton tetsu: So, in exchange for the honor of being my mistress, what will you do for me?
Delight Eclipse: O_O!
Delight Eclipse: -holds up a whip- >>;
Ton tetsu: Whoa. At least buy me dinner first. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: 0.0; i will make a dog .
Ton tetsu: I'm Korean.
Delight Eclipse: oh disgrusting. XD
Ton tetsu: You're welcome. Again. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: -dies!-
Delight Eclipse: by the way. I didn't say thank you yet! XD
Ton tetsu: You don't need to.
Ton tetsu: I know. :p
Delight Eclipse: <_>:; you cheater! XD
Ton tetsu: That's right. I cheat. Deal with it. :p
Delight Eclipse: o_o; bow to me
Ton tetsu: Sure, after you... uh... nope, can't say it. :p
Delight Eclipse: XD
Ton tetsu: Aww, who am I kidding
Delight Eclipse: -pretends to die in the coffin - >>
Ton tetsu: I'm talking to somebody who likes people to nibble on their nipples :p
Delight Eclipse: 9,9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delight Eclipse: 6.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ton tetsu: You thought I forgot that, didn't you :p
Delight Eclipse: -whispers to herself- MEN ARE PIGS!
Delight Eclipse: >>
Ton tetsu: -whispers to himself- AND WOMEN LOVE IT
Delight Eclipse: o.o;;;; -whispers to herself once again- MEN LOVES BAD FOR MANY REASONS!
Ton tetsu: -whispers to himself once again- AND WOMEN LOVE IT TOO
Delight Eclipse: bullshit! XD
Ton tetsu: Why, yes, that is what comes out of a bull's rear. That's very intelligent of you. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: >>;;;; Are you jealous of me? XD
Ton tetsu: Why? I don't bleed every 28 days, I can go to the bathroom standing up... I kinda like being male. :p
Delight Eclipse: o_O;;; You have to admit you love being female! >_> NO LIE!
Ton tetsu: YES LIE. ;-)
Ton tetsu: Now you're just making negative sense. :p
Delight Eclipse: You make me negative! It's all your fault. ^^:
Ton tetsu: Yes, it is, and you love me for it. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: love you for it? Oh how can you explain? XD
Ton tetsu: You can simply say "I guess you're right"
Delight Eclipse: I can't let you make me do it. XD
Delight Eclipse: I'm immure. ^~:
Ton tetsu: Ri-ight.
Delight Eclipse: -coughs- don't smart ass on me. >_>;
Ton tetsu: You're immune, and I'm Caucasian.
Delight Eclipse: o_O: Caucasian? You are seriously wrong. XD i mean I'm sheild. You can't make me to say something for you. XD
Ton tetsu: You already have. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Negative thoughts!
Ton tetsu: You see, you have no idea what I'm doing
Ton tetsu: So you never know if I'm precisely trying to get you to say the things you do right now
Delight Eclipse: o.o;;;; uhm... >_> I could be careless. XD
Delight Eclipse: you aren't very power. XD
Delight Eclipse: powerful i mean. >.<
Ton tetsu: Is that so? I don't know, I mean... if you told me about your nipples before, that usually means something. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: XD bullshit. I can't remember -coughs- >>;
Ton tetsu: Yep, can't remember.
Delight Eclipse: -rolls eyes- XD
Delight Eclipse: Why can't i be interested in talking about nipples? XD
Ton tetsu: Oh, no, you can - and I quite appreciate it
Delight Eclipse: You doesn't really appreciate it. >_> You just talk to yourself more than me. _~
Delight Eclipse: ^~
Ton tetsu: Well, can I help it if I'm a more interesting conversation than you? ;-)
Delight Eclipse: -giggles- because you know yourself very well. you are so eagar for it.
Ton tetsu: Sure, but then, since I know myself so well, I should be very boring since I know what I'm going to say
Delight Eclipse: -giggles- Can I watch you being a gay lover?
Ton tetsu: You, on the other hand, seem to vary between strange things like the devil and cheating and nipples
Delight Eclipse: *lol*
Delight Eclipse: oh please.
Delight Eclipse: -stabs his chest for being smart ass- XD
Ton tetsu: -stares at the knife sticking out of his chest-
Delight Eclipse: I didn't say knife .>.< it's my hand! DUH!
Ton tetsu: -stares at the hand on his chest-
Ton tetsu: Oh dear. I didn't know you were so forward.
Delight Eclipse: -throws a basic sentence book-
Delight Eclipse: <_< I'm so sick of men picking on me and thinking men are so top than woman. O_O HOW CAN I MAKE YOU NUTS?
Ton tetsu: You can't... well, you can, but that's for you to find out. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: no depents. I can do it!
Ton tetsu: Well, good luck, and when you drive me nuts, you will do what no girl has ever done before
Delight Eclipse: <_< You have to admit you feel flattered by my picking on you and make you feel loved of being nuts!
Ton tetsu: I'm entertained, and for that, I thank you.
Delight Eclipse: You are bad welcome. XD
Ton tetsu: But flattered? Should I be flattered by you wanting to watch me turn gay? :p
Delight Eclipse: ^^;;; mhmmm
Delight Eclipse: If you are gay. i'd be.....damned.
Ton tetsu: See, it's for your own good.
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: bullshit -giggles-
Ton tetsu: Now, if you went lesbian or bi and showed me a good time, then... well. I don't know. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: o_o. I could be careless cuz i'm not lesbian or bi.
Delight Eclipse: -giggles- Every time you said. " I'm beautiful because i'm gay! "
Ton tetsu: Nah, it's "I'm gay because I'm beautiful"
Delight Eclipse: x_X;
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: -bites his arms- o_o;
Ton tetsu: Scars of love. I bear them with pride.
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: You are so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
Delight Eclipse: T_T
Ton tetsu: I know.
Delight Eclipse: hottest >>
Ton tetsu: I know.
Delight Eclipse: You not know everything. ;P
Ton tetsu: I know.
Delight Eclipse: I win at life. You lose. ;P
Ton tetsu: Oh?
Delight Eclipse: What else you will say something? XD
Ton tetsu: If, by win, you mean "talking about strange things to somebody halfway across the world and then forcing yourself to believe you're better than him," then yes, you win very much.
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: how could you tell that? XD
Ton tetsu: Hey. It's actually kind of rare to find a girl who can keep up with me when I become a wise guy. You should be proud of yourself.
Delight Eclipse: LIE LIE LIE XD
Delight Eclipse: You wish. >>
Delight Eclipse: omg you need help. -giggles-
Ton tetsu: You're right, you haven't kept up with me at all. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: You always say " you are right " many times. o_O let me count. uh.... millions? -sighs- It's your bad habit.
Ton tetsu: Okay. I guess I should say you're not right?
Delight Eclipse: <_< Time to study! " you are right" instead!
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: will you quit it? XD
Delight Eclipse: -tackles you down-
Ton tetsu: I didn't even say anything and already you're jumping me. ;p
Delight Eclipse: <_<;;; You've been holding your negative thoughts behind me.
Ton tetsu: Then... uh... let me... um... take them back?...
Delight Eclipse: You can't fix everything. ;P
Ton tetsu: I can fix you, and that's all I need. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: ohhh. You had to admit you love me if you are Kouji. ^_~
Ton tetsu: Whoa, don't put your feelings on mine
Delight Eclipse: XD you don't want me do it? that's fun! XD
Ton tetsu: Well, my dirty mind is thinking of quite a few things that are fun, but that's not the point ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Because you don't want me feeling for you unless Kouji is here. I will. ;P
Delight Eclipse: My friend just mentioned to me right now - Brandi-chan belongs to me. No one can have her!
Delight Eclipse: o_o;
Delight Eclipse: scary!
Ton tetsu: Er.
Delight Eclipse: XD
Ton tetsu: Brandi-chan is mine? Um. Well.
Delight Eclipse: >_>;
Ton tetsu: Possessing people is usually a sign of bigger problems, no? :p
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: *laughs irl*
Ton tetsu: Glad you can laugh. I was wondering when that was going to kick in.
Delight Eclipse: She mentioned once again. " No, You are just jealous because you can't have me. XP <3
Delight Eclipse: Any suggestion? Are you lost?
Ton tetsu: Yes, because I desperately need to go to the bathroom
Ton tetsu: Too much soda
Delight Eclipse: Lol
Delight Eclipse: Soda is your pee's g/f. >>
Delight Eclipse: Don't try to change the subject! >=D
Ton tetsu: !
Ton tetsu: Soda is my pee's girlfriend?
Delight Eclipse: ^^;; -giggles-
Delight Eclipse: O_O!
Delight Eclipse: HELL NO! XD
Ton tetsu: What the heck is that supposed to me? :p
Delight Eclipse: hmmm.
Delight Eclipse: I'm not doctor . >>
Ton tetsu: No, I mean, what you said about soda being my pee's girlfriend
Ton tetsu: I can't make any more sense out of it than if I had picked five random words and blended them together
Delight Eclipse: OH SHIT YOU TYPING FAST! @_@
Ton tetsu: Yes, if this makes you feel better, you beat me because you confused the heck out of me with a sentence that would fail any of my students
Delight Eclipse: YOU PYSCHO! XD
Ton tetsu: Glad you like it. :p
Delight Eclipse: Shhhh XD
Ton tetsu: Oh, hush. You know you like it. You don't need to play all innocent.
Ton tetsu: And whenever we start talking about anything sexual, it just gets you even more ;-)
Delight Eclipse: oops XD
Ton tetsu: Then, come and dine at the house of PD
Delight Eclipse: PD? XD
Ton tetsu: Ah, yeah, you only know me as Tontetsu
Delight Eclipse: Lol
Delight Eclipse: FOR THE SAKE!
Delight Eclipse: -giggles-
Ton tetsu: -giggle-
Delight Eclipse: Don't giggle because you aren't a girl. >>
Ton tetsu: You wanted me to be gay, so this is the first step. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: that's scary but it's fun. ;P
Delight Eclipse: But but....boys giggling is so cute though. ^~:
Ton tetsu: Why?
Ton tetsu: If you don't mind me asking.
Delight Eclipse: for what?
Ton tetsu: Why do you find boys giggling so cute?
Delight Eclipse:'s because they have the specal sercet that they are girl inside. the outside they aren't -giggles-
Ton tetsu:'re really big on that guy-guy love thing, aren't you. :p
Delight Eclipse: o_o; YOU are perfectly jealous! Indeed. -tickles him to hear him giggle-
Ton tetsu: -grabs your hands- If you want to hear me giggle, you'll have to try harder than that. :-)
Delight Eclipse: 0.0 oh dangerous romatic......
Ton tetsu: Are you just reading out of a dictionary or something? :p
Delight Eclipse: uh..... nah.
Ton tetsu: dangerous romantic popcorn black enthusiasm
Delight Eclipse: wtf? XD
Delight Eclipse: You makes no sense. you know it. XD
Delight Eclipse: -struggles his hands off-
Ton tetsu: -loses his hands and glares-
Ton tetsu: I'd like my hands back please.
Delight Eclipse: ^_~:;; You love it........ -gasps- Oh danger mister...-gives her hands in front of his nose- BLAH! XD
Ton tetsu: -blows his nose- Thanks. That was very thoughtful of you. :p
Delight Eclipse: oh shit. -whines- e.e;;
Delight Eclipse: my hand is not fucking tissue! LEARN A LESSON!
Delight Eclipse: -fwaps his nose-
Delight Eclipse: >_>
Ton tetsu: Oh. Doh.
Ton tetsu: Then what it is for?
Delight Eclipse: ^^;;; Because you are kid. Didn't you realize for who are you? XD
Ton tetsu: Awww
Delight Eclipse: -giggles-
Ton tetsu: But what is it for?
Ton tetsu: I still don't know what I'm supposed to do with it. ;p
Delight Eclipse: That sentense is only kid. I won't accept it. i can't answer the question! . ;P
Ton tetsu: -takes your hands and... uh... puts it in his pocket?-
Delight Eclipse: 0.0 y-..y-you...
Ton tetsu: You never told me what to do, so I'm just going to take them home with me. :p
Delight Eclipse: damn kid mister.
Delight Eclipse: You are so good at complaining. >>
Ton tetsu: -holds them in his own hands- Or, I guess I could just do this...
Delight Eclipse: because you love me?
Delight Eclipse: you are getting racey! XD
Ton tetsu: Because your hands are probably smaller than mine, so I can practice my kung-fu on them ;p
Delight Eclipse: >_>;;
Delight Eclipse: say you love me. huh?
Ton tetsu: I think you're a good person, fun and silly
Delight Eclipse: If yes. Why hot show me yourself if you are kouji? ;P
Delight Eclipse: ack @ hot
Delight Eclipse: i mean not >_<
Ton tetsu: Why should I show myself?
Delight Eclipse: o.o;; cuz.... I have a good time with kouji. ^~;
Ton tetsu: And you think you are my other half?
Delight Eclipse: maybe? XD
Delight Eclipse: I doubt you know who Kouji is.-giggles-
Ton tetsu: You're right, no idea. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Kouji is from Fushigi Yuugi who is best friend of Genrou as a bandit dancer.
Ton tetsu: Ah.
Delight Eclipse: ^^:
Ton tetsu: So, even though you love me this much, you just want to be friends because you don't think you're good enough for me
Delight Eclipse: =O;;;;;;
Delight Eclipse: you little meannie!
Delight Eclipse: -giggles-
Ton tetsu: You're welcome. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: >.<
Delight Eclipse: Am I out of mind?
Ton tetsu: Yes, but the more important question is: are you liking it?
Delight Eclipse: for what? XD
Ton tetsu: Ask yourself: you're going crazy, and you know it, but are you enjoying it?
Delight Eclipse: if i am not crazy. I can't answer. if i am crazy i can. because you make me stopping crazy. ;P
Ton tetsu: Stopping crazy?
Ton tetsu: Hmm... I must not be doing a good enough job
Delight Eclipse: Lol. you failed me.
Ton tetsu: Oh, no, I failed!
Ton tetsu: I AM NOT WORTHY
Delight Eclipse: ^^
Delight Eclipse: i win at life again. ;P
Ton tetsu: ...wait, who am I talking to?
Ton tetsu: Oh, yeah. That's right. ;p
Delight Eclipse: o_o;; Uhm.. you are talking to a wall. >_>
Delight Eclipse: Nice vent
Ton tetsu: Yes, and that's why I will ask the wall for forgiveness but not you ;-)
Delight Eclipse: =O you have to admit that you are flirting me. you never forgive me!
Ton tetsu: Excuse me?
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: -laughs irl-
Ton tetsu: I will admit I'm flirting with you when you admit you're falling for it. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: <_< If i don't .I'm selfish. I let you do it for me? ^_~
Delight Eclipse: you are fawnee.
Delight Eclipse: LIE!
Delight Eclipse: Why am I smiling irl? >.<; -fwaps her lips-
Ton tetsu: Because I am too. And you know you can't help it. ;p
Delight Eclipse: It's your fault. ;P
Delight Eclipse: I think you must think you are swift. chaning the subject like that. XD
Ton tetsu: I don't think so.
Ton tetsu: I KNOW.
Delight Eclipse: Hahah
Ton tetsu: -looks at the time-
Delight Eclipse: >_<;; You cn go to bed if you need?
Delight Eclipse: can^
Ton tetsu: It's 12:10pm here in Japan.
Delight Eclipse: You are like a ninja.
Delight Eclipse: o_o;
Delight Eclipse: fwoosh!
Ton tetsu: Is that the sound of your ego leaving? :p
Delight Eclipse: <_<;
Delight Eclipse:
Delight Eclipse: -goes a chibi former and punchs you up to the moon all newbie like- XD
Delight Eclipse: no! It's the sound of you bing swift like a ninja!
Ton tetsu: Psh. Silly child. Ninja make no sound.
Delight Eclipse: True! you are!
Ton tetsu: What you hear is the rush of admiration in your heart
Delight Eclipse: lol
Delight Eclipse: They have SFX in comics, though
Ton tetsu: Yes, and in comics, people can die and come back twelve pages later
Delight Eclipse: Silly boy, admiration makes no sound
Delight Eclipse: so? xD
Ton tetsu: In your case, it sounds like oh shit. -whines- e.e;;
Ton tetsu: ;p
Delight Eclipse: o_o;; wtf
Delight Eclipse: Are you jealous cuz i siad a bad things? XD
Delight Eclipse: -whispers- I wish you were Kouji who could rp with me if you like bandit enough. ^~:
Ton tetsu: -whispers- Why just RP? ;-)
Delight Eclipse: o_o;
Delight Eclipse: Because.
Delight Eclipse: I have my own character who need falling in love with Kouji?
Delight Eclipse: XD
Ton tetsu: If you want to confess your feelings to me, you can just tell me directly, you know. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: 0.0 you mean.
Delight Eclipse: if i have to confess my feelings to you. you will rp with me?
Ton tetsu: If you confess, then you can rest easier knowing you're one of the few girls who had the courage to admit their feelings to me
Ton tetsu: ;p
Delight Eclipse: >.>
Ton tetsu: Which does take a lot, by the way, so I respect that very much in a woman.
Delight Eclipse: Uhm..... Totetsu
Delight Eclipse: I've decided...
Delight Eclipse: If i drew manga.
Delight Eclipse: Probably we can pretend our characters. We talks. then i save our converation. I'll edit thing out and write on my book. Is that ok with you? cuz your talking is so fun. and you can play bandit good enough. I'll give you more information about Kouji's character.
Ton tetsu: ...why?
Delight Eclipse: Beause you are special.
Delight Eclipse: I'm deadly serious
Delight Eclipse: You are so good at playing Kouji in my opinion.
Ton tetsu: Hmm.
Ton tetsu: Well.
Ton tetsu: I'll have to think it over.
Delight Eclipse: ^^; Ok
Ton tetsu: What's in it for me? :p
Delight Eclipse: You mean what will you give for me?
Ton tetsu: Let's assume you talk me into doing it.
Ton tetsu: What do I get from all this?
Ton tetsu: You know, I risk quite a bit - if other girls find out I'm really this much fun, I'm going to be BURIED alive
Delight Eclipse: Hmmm. it's kinda a bit confused for you but i need to give you more infomration about kouji's biography. you'd be ready to play him and know how to act like to me.
Ton tetsu: ?
Ton tetsu: ...not that.
Ton tetsu: I mean.
Delight Eclipse: -jaws opened- Ok tell me XD
Ton tetsu: Why should I help you? ;-)
Ton tetsu: What do I benefit from this? ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Because I couldn't thinking of writting a boy talking with me. XD
Delight Eclipse: my character i mean. -coughs- on my book
Ton tetsu: Yes, okay, I understand that
Delight Eclipse: ^^;
Ton tetsu: But what do I gain from doing this?
Delight Eclipse: Can you explain to me?
Ton tetsu: Yeah, sure
Ton tetsu: You want my help in being this role - you have my attention.
Ton tetsu: But what do I get in return?
Ton tetsu: I mean, you know, I'm giving up time and energy... and especially if other girls find out I'm this much fun, then I'm going to be surrounded
Delight Eclipse: Lol
Ton tetsu: So, you know, what do I get for my trouble? ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Geezus you are so cute. I really speechless.
Ton tetsu: That's my job, ma'am.
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: So. Do you think i'm so immature for having you role with me then I copy our converation on my book?
Ton tetsu: I think it's a brilliant idea
Delight Eclipse: ^^;
Ton tetsu: If I were you, I'd have asked me sooner
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: -hugsssssssssssssssssssssss--
Ton tetsu: But I still want to know - what do I get from it
Delight Eclipse: I don't know how to thank you enough!
Ton tetsu: Hey, I didn't agree to do it yet. :p
Delight Eclipse: Oh
Ton tetsu: I just said, if I were you, I'd have asked me a long time ago
Delight Eclipse: -sweatdrops- Ok.. uhm. It's hard to answer your question. I'm kinda feeling bad.
Ton tetsu: Because, you still haven't answered the question - what's there for me?
Ton tetsu: ;-)
Delight Eclipse: When you helped me. You want to me give you in return? that's what you mean? o_o
Ton tetsu: Yeah. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Ohhhhhh
Delight Eclipse: I can be there for you enough if you need advice. I'm here for you. if you were down. I would be listener like i did before with you .
Ton tetsu: You do that for me no matter what, so that doesn't count. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: -face-faults-
Delight Eclipse: What do you want me give you in return? SAY PLEASE!
Ton tetsu: (though, don't get me wrong. that's a very valuable service, and anyone who takes it for granted is an absolute idiot)
Ton tetsu: What do I want, eh?... hmm.
Ton tetsu: Let's see what my devious mind is thinking. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: >_> I know what you really, REALLY want. tsk tsk tsk . Don't let you take adventage of me. please? v.v;
Delight Eclipse: I though you'd be supporting for me because you are my true friend. I have no a clue what i will give you in return. I'd probably make an unique icon or layouts for your LJ?
Ton tetsu: Of course, I am your true friend. I'm just being greedy today. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Lol
Delight Eclipse: So you have more plenty of your time. Can I tell you about Kouji's biography?
Ton tetsu: If you know what I REALLY, really want, then I don't have to tell you, right?
Delight Eclipse: <_< yes
Delight Eclipse: obviously
Ton tetsu: So you can tell me what it is I want and then we'll talk from there.
Delight Eclipse: Can I start now?
Ton tetsu: You can start telling me what I want, yes. :p
Delight Eclipse: Ok
Ton tetsu: If you're typing up Kouji's information, wrong. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Kouji is Genrou's best friend (of course it's Tasuki) cuz Kouji always tend calling Genrou instead Tasuki. They are good bandit who save innocent people from monsters or crimes. He is very soft heart and very intelligent, good listener and good at figuring ou the mystery and good dancing. He's very handsome.
Ton tetsu: You still haven't told me what I want.
Ton tetsu: Remember, I still haven't agreed to do this yet. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: x.x
Delight Eclipse: ok ok i give up
Ton tetsu: ?
Ton tetsu: I'm not saying I won't do it - I just want to know what you think my asking price is first :p
Delight Eclipse: Oh >_>;
Delight Eclipse: Why you still keep continuing say that to me?
Delight Eclipse: i though we were ready but you changed my plans!
Delight Eclipse: o_o;
Ton tetsu: Hey, you thought we were ready - I was still talking about what's there for me :p
Delight Eclipse: I feel like you are messing with me or something?
Ton tetsu: I never said okay, tell me about Kouji. :p
Delight Eclipse: No more messing with me? >>
Delight Eclipse: Kouji is Genrou's best friend (of course it's Tasuki) cuz Kouji always tend calling Genrou instead Tasuki. They are good bandit who save innocent people from monsters or crimes. He is very soft heart and very intelligent, good listener and good at figuring ou the mystery and good dancing. He's very handsome. he has a darkness blue hair.
Ton tetsu:
Ton tetsu: Well, okay, I guess you really don't want me to do this after all.
Delight Eclipse: -face fault- ok i think i have enough with you.
Ton tetsu: :p
Ton tetsu: Like I said.
Delight Eclipse: forget it I say. ok?
Ton tetsu: ;p
Ton tetsu: Bah.
Ton tetsu: All I needed was to know the answer to one question - what did you think I REALLY, really wanted?
Ton tetsu: That's all.
Delight Eclipse: oh. >_> i though you want sex.
Ton tetsu: ...
Ton tetsu: couldn't just come outright and say that?
Delight Eclipse: -sweatdrops-
Delight Eclipse: Can we drop it?
Ton tetsu: No, not really. Because I would like to help you with your manga
Ton tetsu: It's been a while since I did any sort of acting, so I may be a little rusty at first
Delight Eclipse: -looks down- I'm sorry i was too hard on you when i don't understand your question. I forced you to change the subject but you won't let it go. >.<;
Ton tetsu: :p
Delight Eclipse: You did almost make me snap on you.
Ton tetsu: I know.
Delight Eclipse: but i didn't >.< I was under of control.
Ton tetsu: Yeah right. ;-)
Ton tetsu: You were ready to bite my head off.
Delight Eclipse: ok. uhm... Lol. no
Delight Eclipse: Ok. did you get my kouji's bio?
Ton tetsu: Yeah, got it
Delight Eclipse: ok as for my character. she's tomboyish. Wanna know part of scene where we are beginning?
Ton tetsu: Uh... well... yeah, set me up.
Delight Eclipse: ok. Kouji threw Amiya in the jail for aiming the sword under the chin of a man who tried to capture the slave. she tried to protect slave woman. Kouji didn't catch what was going on. She tried to explain to him. He still didn't get it. until he let her out of the jail. one day later. He tried to figure out who she is. he though it's a guy.
Delight Eclipse: As you are kouji, me is Amiya. we are starting to talk. I will deny it when he ask me are you a girl? . get it? Until Amiya give up on him and will say he win for figure out her sercet
Ton tetsu: Okay...
Ton tetsu: ...I think I sort of understand.
Delight Eclipse: Ok.
Delight Eclipse: We are ready to play. ;P
Ton tetsu: You are ready to play. I have to leave in a few minutes. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Ok
Ton tetsu: (I'm in an Internet bar and my time is up)
Delight Eclipse: allright.
Delight Eclipse: What's your name, sir?
Ton tetsu: So glad you enjoyed my company today.
Ton tetsu: My name? That is for the trees to whisper and for the ocean to roar
Delight Eclipse: .....
Delight Eclipse: -folds amiya's arms- Whatever you say.
Ton tetsu: [ooc] You didn't say we were RPing!
Delight Eclipse: (ooc) XD Sorry
Delight Eclipse: starts again.
Delight Eclipse: Amiya asks, " What's your name, sir? "
Ton tetsu: [ooc] You can cut out the "Amiya asks" part. I know now. :p
Delight Eclipse: (ooc) ok.
Ton tetsu: My name? That is for the trees to whisper and for the ocean to roar
Delight Eclipse: ....whatever you say....(sounds like amiya acts alike a man perfectly)
Ton tetsu: And it's a little rude to ask someone for their name without giving yours first, don't you think?
Delight Eclipse: don't smart ass on me. I don't think it's cool. Asking the name is very polite. You'd be sorry on my ass!
Ton tetsu: [ooc] Where are we in the plot again?
Delight Eclipse: (ooc) He will ask if you are a girl because you sounds so female voice to me. I will deny it to him. unti he rip my clothes and knew it's female. I will be shy and speechless and have a crush on him )
Ton tetsu: [ooc] So this is after all that jail stuff?
Delight Eclipse: ( yes )
Ton tetsu: I guess I should be threatened by such strong words from such a soft voice, but for some reason, I'm not.
Delight Eclipse: Whatever you say. What are you? Are you a crime?
Ton tetsu: You're one to talk.
Delight Eclipse: .....
Delight Eclipse: Know what you aren't very nice. -folds arms and leans against the wood of the tree-
Ton tetsu: What the...?
Ton tetsu: -strange facial expression-
Delight Eclipse: Look at yourself what you've done to me. I was very nice of asking you the name. I will give you out my name. I'm waiting for you because i have the reason for you!
Ton tetsu: ...are you feeling okay? "Nice?" Since when the hell are guys supposed to be nice to each other?
Delight Eclipse: ......Who cares. I can teach you a lesson. My name is Amiya. I'm from Woods near where you live. Is that hurt to you? "
Ton tetsu: Kouji. If you're going to teach me a lesson, bring it. Otherwise, stop yammering on like some little girl.
Delight Eclipse: .....I'm not fucking girl. Where'd you get that idea coming from? I'm a male. Thank you!
Ton tetsu: -lightbulb-
Ton tetsu: [ooc] What kind of weapons do I have?
Delight Eclipse: ( Katana )
Ton tetsu: Here, I'll make things fair for you. -throws his katana, still sheathed, to you-
Delight Eclipse: Heh. your aim is so pathetic. -put his sword up to her neck- Believe me or not
Ton tetsu: I wasn't aiming to hit you.
Ton tetsu: -rushes up and looks right into your eyes-
Delight Eclipse: -widens her eyes in shock as she gulps- What do you want? she changes by the mind, jerking the katana away, pulling out of her katana " don't make me fair like you. " She sneers her lips-
Ton tetsu: [cut here - I need to go]
Delight Eclipse: ( we can hold it later ;-) )
Ton tetsu: Your opinion so far.
Delight Eclipse: ( you have to go now? )
Ton tetsu: (yeah)
Ton tetsu: (so gimme your opinion so far)
Delight Eclipse: ( I let you go. we'll continue later )
Ton tetsu: (okay)
Ton tetsu: (catch you later)
Delight Eclipse: (thanks ^^ bye <3 (