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Delight Eclipse: -tackles- 0.0;
Ton tetsu: -fwmp!-
Ton tetsu: You just can't enough of me. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: -gets fwaped?- >.o;
Ton tetsu: How ya doin?
Delight Eclipse: uhm..... I'm in a good mood. I guess cuz i drew awesome manga. *_*;
Ton tetsu: Whoa
Delight Eclipse: it's pretty so far. I think 20 pages right now
Delight Eclipse: remember you and i played as characters for manga. I tested on you if you did good. that's all you did well. Same iwth my friends joined with me. I see how different converstation of everyone in my manga how fun! ^^:
Ton tetsu: Interesting. So is it actually working?
Ton tetsu: Or do you need me to rip off your clothes and have you fall deliriously in love with me? ;-)
Delight Eclipse: 0.0 YES!
Ton tetsu: Well.
Delight Eclipse: -gulps?- XD
Ton tetsu: I would if I could but I can't so I won't
Delight Eclipse: o_O: I know you were joking.
Delight Eclipse: I know you wouldn't.
Delight Eclipse: ;P
Ton tetsu: Oh, you THINK so
Delight Eclipse: Nope!
Delight Eclipse: o_o!
Ton tetsu: You just wait and see, my good lady
Ton tetsu: Let my hands do the talking if we meet ;-)
Delight Eclipse: <_>;
Delight Eclipse: o_o!!!
Delight Eclipse: tsk tsk tsk! XD
Delight Eclipse: -fwaps his head with a gym shoe-
Delight Eclipse: >>
Ton tetsu: You're just encouraging me ;-)
Delight Eclipse: encouraging? wha the? -goes to dirctionary- e.e;
Delight Eclipse: Wow? I have hope for you?
Delight Eclipse: haha
Ton tetsu: You have hope for me? What?
Delight Eclipse: o_o; I hope you for nothing!
Delight Eclipse: ^~;
Ton tetsu: Okay. That's fine. I'm still ripping off your clothes. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: =O! Slave!
Ton tetsu: Oh, hush, you just want me to be that
Delight Eclipse: -covers herself with a steel chained- I won't let you take my clothes off! Mwhahahahaah I'm steel! o_o;
Delight Eclipse: -locks everything and eats keys- o_o
Ton tetsu: -waits until you have to go to the bathroom-
Delight Eclipse: x.x
Delight Eclipse: pfffft. you sick!
Ton tetsu: I'm being called sick from someone who is wearing all steel and eats keys. ;p
Delight Eclipse: >_>
Ton tetsu: You really like the mistress idea, don't you ;-)
Ton tetsu: And by torture, you mean please :p
Delight Eclipse: You better say Please. i will. ;P
Ton tetsu: How about I say "come down and take your medicine like a good girl" instead
Delight Eclipse: o_o; Puppy dog
Ton tetsu: Feed me then
Delight Eclipse: =O I don't want to be alone i i ate you
Delight Eclipse: ;P
Ton tetsu: WHOA.
Delight Eclipse: o_O; @ whoa
Ton tetsu: Okay, I know we were teasing and joking about sex stuff, but...
Delight Eclipse: <_< What did i do/
Delight Eclipse: o_O! SEX?!!!
Ton tetsu: ...that just broke through an entirely new barrier
Delight Eclipse: -punchs his head all chibi like-
Ton tetsu: What? You ate me
Delight Eclipse: It's not like what you think!
Delight Eclipse: XD
Ton tetsu: Suuuuuuuuuure
Delight Eclipse: bullshit! O_O
Ton tetsu: You're standing there, talking about being a mistress and wearing steel and asking me to rip your clothes off, and eating me is not sexual?
Ton tetsu: Right, and I'm actually white
Delight Eclipse: I never ask you to rip my clothes off!
Delight Eclipse: It was your idea!
Ton tetsu: Right. Who wrote that into the RP_
Ton tetsu: ?
Delight Eclipse: Manga?
Ton tetsu: Yes.
Ton tetsu: Who wrote that?
Delight Eclipse: Oh. i have 3 friends of mine who joined me. You don't know them.
Delight Eclipse: she's Chichiri, other a girl is Tasuki. You are Kouji.
Ton tetsu: No, I mean the idea of Kouji ripping off Amiya's clothes
Ton tetsu: Who's idea was that?
Delight Eclipse: o-o!!
Delight Eclipse: Me. >.<
Ton tetsu: Precisely.
Delight Eclipse: I though you were talking about IRL! not manga
Ton tetsu: Oh, but I am talking about IRL
Ton tetsu: ;-)
Delight Eclipse: pfffft!
Delight Eclipse: -twitches like chibi- e.e;
Ton tetsu: And then, a long time ago, you were telling me about things like how you like being pleasured
Ton tetsu: I mean, come on... you're a sexual being. Nothing wrong with that. You just need to admit it. :p
Delight Eclipse: TONTETSU! BE BEHAVIOR! -pins him down for being an idiot but he's cute! - XD
Ton tetsu
: You do like this dominant position, I see.
Ton tetsu: Well, as long as you like it, I suppose. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Everyone is. i 'm not only ONE! ;P
Delight Eclipse: -bites his arms for saying too much of perveter for these days!_
Ton tetsu: Again with the love marks. I mean, I know you want me, but this is too much.
Delight Eclipse: You wish >.>;
Ton tetsu: You can't go claim me without at least buying me dinner first.
Delight Eclipse: You are the one who make me feel like stuck!
Ton tetsu: What am I, some kind of cheap piece of meat for you to toy with?
Delight Eclipse: buy you ....uh..dinner? XD sounds like on a date.
Delight Eclipse: O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delight Eclipse: gross!
Delight Eclipse: -fwaps your face- shut up! XD
Delight Eclipse: quit picking on me like that e.e;;;; i feel like i'm lost. ;_;
Ton tetsu: It's okay. You're not the only one who gets like that in front of me. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Thanks for nothing ;_;
Ton tetsu: Any time I can be of service.
Delight Eclipse: Time to heal me now. ;_;
Ton tetsu: Is this another subtle flirt?
Delight Eclipse: o.o;;
Ton tetsu: :-)
Ton tetsu: -hug-
Delight Eclipse: :P
Ton tetsu: Thank you.
Delight Eclipse: -hugs back!- ^^;
Ton tetsu: Every time I talk with you, it makes the day so much easier to deal with
Delight Eclipse: heh ^^:
Ton tetsu: Of course, I'm still disturbed by just how much you want it
Delight Eclipse: I disturbed you?
Delight Eclipse: o_O?
Ton tetsu: But you're a good friend and I appreciate it
Delight Eclipse: I didn't know i ddisturbed you. e.e;
Ton tetsu: Well...
Ton tetsu:'s very good to have a healthy sexual appetite, but you know I can't fulfill your desires from over here.
Delight Eclipse: o.o;;; uh... I'm kinda lost .
Delight Eclipse: Can you explain me so clear. plesae?
Ton tetsu: Sure.
Ton tetsu: It's really cool that we can joke and tease
Delight Eclipse: Oh yeah. Joke is nothing wrong.
Ton tetsu: But I've never met a girl quite like you
Delight Eclipse: AS long as we have fun.
Delight Eclipse: Really?
Ton tetsu: Whose mind thinks more about sex than most guys I know ;-)
Ton tetsu: -hides-
Delight Eclipse: 0.0!
Delight Eclipse: You started it. I swear to god! -points to you like a such baby- @_@: YOU YOU YOU! XD
Ton tetsu: Aww...
Ton tetsu: ...look at her. She's in such shock she can't even fight back any more.
Delight Eclipse: -giggles-
Ton tetsu: :p
Delight Eclipse: I can't fight because i'm foolish?
Delight Eclipse: ^~:
Ton tetsu: You can't because you find me irresistible. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: irresisible? it's new to me. -goes to dictionary and sighs-
Delight Eclipse:
Ton tetsu: Good - always learn new things every day. This keeps you smart and interesting
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: I find you irresistible? that mean you are beauty and sneeze? -is confused about dictory said that-
Ton tetsu: You cannot resist my charm. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: =
Delight Eclipse: =o
Delight Eclipse: Tontetsu ?
Ton tetsu: Yes, Brandi?
Delight Eclipse: Can we play Kouji and Amiya for a bit? it's not done.
Ton tetsu: Okay, sure
Ton tetsu: Remind me where we left off
Delight Eclipse: Ok. i show you
Delight Eclipse: K:: So glad you enjoyed my company today.

A: What's your name, sir?

K: My name? That is for the trees to whisper and for the ocean to roar

A: ........Whatever you say.

K: And it's a little rude to ask someone for their name without giving yours first, don't you think?

A: Don't be a smart ass to me, its not cool. Asking what your name is polite. You're gonna be sorry when I kick your ass

Delight Eclipse: K: I guess I should be threatened by such strong words from such a soft voice, but for some reason, I'm not.

A: Whatever you say. Are you a smart ass or what!?

K: You're one to talk

A: Ya know what? You aren't very nice.

K: What the...?

Delight Eclipse:
A: You were so rude to me. You just mentioned your name is whispered amongst the trees or whatever. Look at yourself.. what you've done to me. I was nice enough to ask you for your name. I suppose I will give you my name.

K: ...are you feeling okay? "Nice?" Since when the hell are guys supposed to be nice to each other?

A: ......Who cares? I can teach you a lesson. My name is Amiya, I'm from the woods near by your pathetic place.

K: Kouji. If you're going to teach me a lesson, bring it. Otherwise, stop yammering on like some little girl.

A: .....Excuse me?. Where'd you get that idea coming from? I'm a male. Thank you!

K: -lightbulb- Here, I'll make things fair for you. -throws his katana, still sheathed, to you-

Delight Eclipse: (that's all.)
Ton tetsu: (okay, so let's take it from there)
Delight Eclipse: ( ok )
Delight Eclipse: A: Whoa!.... -catchs it- You wish to fight with me?
Ton tetsu: K: You offered to teach me a lesson, but that blade seems awfully heavy for you...
Delight Eclipse: A: Ha! That's funny. Wrong! I can teach you how to be nice with your attidude! It's not about fight you think of.
Ton tetsu: K: Again with the niceness. -suddenly rushes up to A and looks her in the eyes-
Delight Eclipse: A: Heh. I see why. You are pretending to be rude towards me for odd reason because you are testing me
Ton tetsu: K: ... those eyes are of no man. Who are you?
Delight Eclipse: A: -rolls eyes- I told you don't pay attention to Genrou. He kept telling you about me. He's wrong. but it's ok you think who am I. It's not bothering me. -pretends to be strong and draws her sword-
Ton tetsu: K: -taps the sword out of A's hand- You can't even hold it like a...
Delight Eclipse: A: a what?
Ton tetsu: (ooc: what is she wearing?)
Delight Eclipse: ( clothes? )
Ton tetsu: K: -grabs A's shirt and rips it downward-
Ton tetsu: K: ...
Delight Eclipse: A: -shocks and says nothing... >.>;; -covers her clothes-
Delight Eclipse: A: how dare you!
Ton tetsu: A woman. Only a woman would try to hide behind the facade of a man.
Delight Eclipse: A: I'm disappointing in you. I don't think i'm important to be welcomed here. Sorry about that. I have no time to explain. -turns away-
Ton tetsu: K: Wait.
Delight Eclipse: A: ...... yes?
Ton tetsu: K: -plants his katana into the ground- I... must apologize.
Delight Eclipse: A: I know you would say you are apologize. But why does my looking so bother you?
Ton tetsu: (uh oh, i feel like i'm getting out of character here)
Delight Eclipse: ( oh you want quit? )
Ton tetsu: (no, i mean, i feel like i'm losing my grip on who he is ;p)
Delight Eclipse: ( lol. no worries. you did pretty good. ^^: )
Delight Eclipse: A: I know you would say you are apologize. But why does my looking so bother you?
Ton tetsu: Because a woman has no business in our affairs.
Delight Eclipse: A: Well. I think it's better you and genrou better keep lips shut and leave my sercet busienss.......-glares-
Ton tetsu: Well, as long as you don't drag us down or fall behind, I don't see why not.
Delight Eclipse: A: -laughs a little- Well. Thank you for understanding. I'll get over it... I'm surprised that genrou and you just knew that i'm female. I have no a clue why.
Ton tetsu: K: *shakes his head*
Delight Eclipse: a clue how^
Delight Eclipse: A: hmm.... no?
Ton tetsu: K: ...for all the time you spend around men, you seem to not have learned much.
Delight Eclipse: A: -sweatdrops- figured out.... I think you are right It's too hard for me. I can't do that.........
Ton tetsu: K: ...but I guess we don't have much choice.
Delight Eclipse: A: I guess I will try my best to trust you. I'll open my minded anytimes. I will be no longer hiding for who am I.
Ton tetsu: K: -nods and begins to walk away-
Delight Eclipse: A: Kouji..?
Ton tetsu: K: -turns his head and raises an eyebrow-
Delight Eclipse: A: -blushes a little, looking down. " I don't know how to thank you enough..... You seems so cool person i've ever meet this day.....
Delight Eclipse: And...Sorry about for being stupid attidude toward you.
Ton tetsu: K: ...forget it.
Ton tetsu: Time to get going.
Delight Eclipse: Where are we going?
Ton tetsu: Doesn't matter.
Delight Eclipse: -blinks at Kouji. " uh... ok. I'm going with you..."
Ton tetsu: ...if you're coming, then hurry up. -begins walking away-
Delight Eclipse: -walks behind Kouji- >>;;
Ton tetsu: (end scene?)
Delight Eclipse: yeah
Delight Eclipse: ^^:
Delight Eclipse: I'll think of next page I draw. I wonder what's happened next. XD
Ton tetsu: Okay, sure.
Ton tetsu: Keep me posted.
Delight Eclipse: ^^:
Delight Eclipse: -hugs you tightly!-
Ton tetsu: -suffocates and quietly loves it-
Delight Eclipse: XD
Delight Eclipse: Know what's happened I drew of Genrou (Tasuki) and Amiya in manga? o_o
Delight Eclipse: Well.
Delight Eclipse: A friend of me already joined as genrou with me.
Delight Eclipse: Want to know?
Ton tetsu: Shore
Delight Eclipse: When Amiya entered the tavern, drinking beer. A brag bunch of a bad bandit man just came in to grab me for no reason. He tried to choke me with weapon. I rushed him away and fought him with sworrd. When he ran away. Genrou caught me. He doesn't believe the proof what happened. He didn't notice a man were here. he put me in the mt. rekieki and handcuffed. he and his friend discuss to free her. so genrou freed her. He wanted her to find a bad man who destoryed in taverm with her before. He and she walked straight. The cobra sneaked behind her. when genou kept calling him a female. She ignored him. He got pissed off and pushed her away then cobra chewed his chest. She kicked it . He asked her to suck the posiion out of his chest in a hurry. She did it. I didnt finish other page. I'll be continuing to draw until i draw Kouji and Amiya in the manga. ;-)
Ton tetsu: Ah
Delight Eclipse: heh ^^:
Ton tetsu: You seem to like putting Amiya through hell
Delight Eclipse: oh yeah i forget to add where the part of genrou and Amiya walked toward. Kouji asked where are you going? Genrou said she and I are going to find a man who dstroy the tavern . Kouji asked " She? Is THAT SHE beside you? Genrou said. " YEAH IT"S HER! BLIND! " He was like oh? Amiya said " don't pay attention to him " Genrou whined ' I"M NOT LYING! " o_o; lol
Ton tetsu: ;p
Delight Eclipse: That's why you and i played. you still know i'm female because you listened to genrou. XD Sounds good?
Delight Eclipse: btw. i didn't know i put amiya though hell? o_O I though plotting was fun.
Ton tetsu: :p
Delight Eclipse: ;P
Ton tetsu: Okay, got it. Yeah, Amiya always seems to be doing something stupid or something like that
Delight Eclipse: how so? XD
Ton tetsu: I don't know.
Delight Eclipse: Lol
Ton tetsu: I guess it's because you're always doing something stupid or something like that ;-)
Delight Eclipse: not really. not me. it's amiya. because I just made up for plotting for fun.
Ton tetsu: Right.
Ton tetsu: You're really getting into Amiya here. ;p
Delight Eclipse: Lol.
Delight Eclipse: -pounces your back-
Ton tetsu: -falls forward-
Delight Eclipse: -flexes her arms- XD
Ton tetsu: -drags down her arms- ;p
Ton tetsu: Admit it. You wanted me to be Kouji so you could fall in love with me without falling in love with me ;p
Delight Eclipse: -eerks!- x.x; -falls onto his chest- Have ever you wrote fin fictio-!? O_O to that. NO WAY! XD
Ton tetsu: Aww. You're so cute when you're in denial. :p
Delight Eclipse: >->; yes. Amiya have a planning her feelings for him. but really it was his started feel falling in love with her when she tried her feeling for Tasuki but they didn't work out kouji got jealous of tasuki but he loves his best friend. he respect until she find the right things out for matching soul mate.
Delight Eclipse: ;P
Ton tetsu: Gotcha.
Ton tetsu: So this is all going to become one giant love mess.
Delight Eclipse: Yes the problem Amiya doesn't know how to love until she will because she have issue with emotional for odd reason. she lost her family in a long time ago.
Delight Eclipse: She's lonely in the woods until she find interesting of Tasuki and Genrou.
Delight Eclipse: oops Kouji^
Ton tetsu: Ah.
Delight Eclipse: ^^ feel free to ask question?
Ton tetsu: None so far
Ton tetsu: Other than if you like sitting on me. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: Lol. I don't know. I'd probaby make other new character to join too. I think that'd be cute of little girl join in the manga. I'll think something cool. ^^: -squeaks and sits on his legs- Happy?
Ton tetsu: Nah, I was happier when you were sitting up more. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: 0.0; Hey!
Ton tetsu: Hey. Hello.
Delight Eclipse: Hello!
Ton tetsu: Hey, can I ask you a question?
Delight Eclipse: Sue
Delight Eclipse: Sure^
Ton tetsu: Why are you doing this?
Delight Eclipse: o_o; don't you remember i'm affectionate?
Ton tetsu: No, no. ;p
Delight Eclipse: lie! >>
Ton tetsu: Not that - I know *that*. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: like what? XD
Ton tetsu: And I love it. ;-)
Ton tetsu: I mean, the manga thing.
Delight Eclipse: -fwaps your head for being pervet- XD DON"T MAKE ME!
Delight Eclipse: o_o!
Delight Eclipse: uh manga?
Ton tetsu: Yea.h
Delight Eclipse: like what?
Delight Eclipse: o_O?
Ton tetsu: Like, writing and drawing your own fanfic
Ton tetsu: What about it is so... appealing to you?
Delight Eclipse: Well.
Delight Eclipse: when i got bored. i have nothing better to do. cuz i like Kouji's character alot. e.e;
Ton tetsu: Nah, come on. Seriously.
Delight Eclipse: WHAT!
Ton tetsu: It's an awful lot of work for "being bored."
Delight Eclipse: well. I'm interested in drawing anime people. alot of hottest characters of Watase Yuu >>;
Ton tetsu: Yeah, and I know you do draw quite well, but you could just as easily draw without trying to put some kind of story behind it...
Delight Eclipse: is that a problem? o.o?
Ton tetsu: No, no... I'm just trying to understand your motivation.
Ton tetsu: Your feelings, if you will.
Delight Eclipse: Oh.
Delight Eclipse: Well.
Delight Eclipse: You know inspiration ?
Ton tetsu: Yes
Delight Eclipse: When i tried drew x-men.
Delight Eclipse: my heart told me not to do it because i'm not interested in it anymore.
Delight Eclipse: I moved to Fushigi Yuugi. I'm most interested in it cuz i like anime or manga.
Delight Eclipse: I used to play as Rogue for Gambit for comic
Delight Eclipse: but i quit because i got tired of it. e.e;
Ton tetsu: Okay...
Delight Eclipse: First time i bought Alice 19th. I read manga 1 to 7 volumes. That make me feeling more eagar.
Delight Eclipse: that's why i learned everything. I really like the idea of manga. if i made manga for myself for fun. I hope i won't give up. what if i give up?
Delight Eclipse: and also i want my friends laughing of my idea. ^^:
Delight Eclipse: it's part of funny scene each of pages. ;P
Delight Eclipse: i'l shut up. .>,<;- hides-
Ton tetsu: So, at heart, you're like me - you just want to do something you enjoy and have other people enjoy it too
Delight Eclipse: Yeah i know what you mean.o -O i didn't know what i was thinking of.
Delight Eclipse: But now you get it. thanks for reminding m.e I amdit of your opinion. ^^:
Delight Eclipse: admit^
Ton tetsu: So then let me ask another question - why do you like manga so much? :p
Delight Eclipse: o_o; uhm.. I
Delight Eclipse: it's hard question .e.e;
Delight Eclipse: I love characters' eyes.
Delight Eclipse: and hairs.
Delight Eclipse: *_*
Ton tetsu: The way they're drawn?
Delight Eclipse: Yes
Ton tetsu: Just...
Ton tetsu: ...that? ;p
Delight Eclipse: yes? do you wish to know more?
Ton tetsu: Of course.
Ton tetsu: I'm trying to get to the heart of the real Brandi here. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: but how can i explain more enough unless i like hair and eyes the most?
Ton tetsu: ;p
Ton tetsu: Okay, okay
Delight Eclipse: heh
Delight Eclipse: Have you ever wrote the fan fiction before ?
Ton tetsu: Um... yes.
Delight Eclipse: Well. I have to ask you the question. Even and simple!
Ton tetsu: sure.
Ton tetsu: :p
Delight Eclipse: ^^;;
Ton tetsu: Which question?
Delight Eclipse: What kind of story you wrote? Have ever you wrote other characters to join for fun?
Ton tetsu: Well, it was back in high school, and kind of on a whim
Ton tetsu: Me and a group of people - we all took games that we liked and start writing ourselves into the plotlines
Ton tetsu: The big one I did (probably almost 100 pages, left unfinished) was some space thing involving most of my friends at that time
Delight Eclipse: Heh
Ton tetsu: It was pretty bad, actually, because let's face it: a good story needs several things, and I didn't really know them
Delight Eclipse: Sounds fun.
Ton tetsu: But it developed by itself and I think things were heading along just fine before I killed it myself
Delight Eclipse: Awwww sounds like you got tired of it?
Ton tetsu: Nah... I just ran out of time
Ton tetsu: Things like reality and college applications set in.
Ton tetsu: And it's been dead ever since.
Ton tetsu: But you know, it was kind of fun - I had to really think hard to make sure I could accurately represent everybody's personalities in some really bizarre situations
Ton tetsu: And I kinda made everyone a little more... antagonistic... than they were in real life, so there was always plenty of fodder for arguments and such
Delight Eclipse: Ah
Delight Eclipse: that sucks. x.x
Ton tetsu: Learning experience.
Ton tetsu: If I start writing again, I have some idea what I need to do now.
Ton tetsu: But for now, I'll just rely on your writing. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: -sweatdrops- XD
Delight Eclipse: YOu know i can't writting fan fiction . Ihave the reason. ;(
Ton tetsu: So what's the reason, eh?
Delight Eclipse: That's why i drew manga. it's easy for me to put in the story so far.
Ton tetsu: -takes your hand- Come, tell me everything. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: o_o;;;;
Delight Eclipse: cuz my english SUCKS!
Delight Eclipse: some people were harrassing their opinions of my error grammar. it's killing my heart.. I gave up on fan fiction i na long time ago when i was 17
Ton tetsu: ...
Ton tetsu: ...that's sad. x_x
Delight Eclipse: yeah x.x;
Ton tetsu: But why did that stop you?
Delight Eclipse: Well. They made my feeling like i'm nothing to fan fiction.
Ton tetsu: But you're not.
Delight Eclipse: then it bother me. i was thinking of they are right that i suck at grammal. -.-;
Ton tetsu: what if your grammar sucks? Isn't fanfiction about ideas?
Delight Eclipse: when i grew up. I stopped writting fic fictino because i'm not in a good mood to write and i can mess my minds out of the space i lost plotting and messed up. x.x;
Ton tetsu: ...
Delight Eclipse: if i drew manga. it's easy me to find action show. I know what to do.
Delight Eclipse: When I wrote fan fiction so far. I got emtional because i couldn't remember and how to right thing plans but it seems like i did something wrong. I read again then i read over again. I just knew that i made no sense about it.
Ton tetsu: must have been frustrating.
Delight Eclipse: Yeah
Delight Eclipse: I was so frustrating for mixed my minds not straight in the story so far.
Delight Eclipse: as for manga i guess it's easy for me. I can try my best.
Delight Eclipse: that's why i was so tired of confusing. but i'm over it I can read people's fan fiction that's fine.but i suck at writting fic fiction. ;P
Ton tetsu: :p
Delight Eclipse: it depends on other difficult fan fiction. It would make me very furious.
Delight Eclipse: becasuse long difficult words, communicating is too much difficult.. e.e; if easy fic fiction. i would' have to worry about.
Delight Eclipse: wouldn't^
Delight Eclipse: That's why i'm deaf. i'm more different than people .e.e;. if you were deaf. you can understand me good enough. hun.
Delight Eclipse: but you are hearing you can your best to understand. if you don't want to understand about it. it's ok. ^^:
Ton tetsu: I will try my best.
Ton tetsu: It's not like you're the only one I know who is like that. :p
Delight Eclipse: but i don't want you get furious.
Delight Eclipse: if you get furious. i can easy stay away from you for good.
Ton tetsu: hahahahaha
Ton tetsu: Thanks. That's how little you think of me. ;p
Delight Eclipse: >.< What?
Delight Eclipse: I was serious .
Ton tetsu: Patience is a virtue.
Delight Eclipse: Tha's why i care about my friend's feelng. I don't want them get furious of me.
Ton tetsu: I think you'll find that it really doesn't matter to me if you're deaf or whatever else is going on.
Ton tetsu: The heart is what's most important.
Delight Eclipse: What if i make you furious?
Ton tetsu: You would have to try pretty darn hard to do that. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: -.-; you have no idea. the last time A friend who pretended to be my friend. I sentenced no sense to him. He got furious and stabed behind my back to people how fun of me. I got mad and upset.
Ton tetsu: ...
Ton tetsu: ...that guy was no friend.
Delight Eclipse: Yeah.
Delight Eclipse: He said i'm not very intelligent beacuse i'm deaf. It's not true. He told people then they turned against me in a long time ago. =\
Delight Eclipse: I ignored them. Igot tried of explaining to them .It wasn't important.
Ton tetsu: *nod*
Delight Eclipse: i feel like they are nothing. o_O:
Delight Eclipse: ^^:
Ton tetsu: They are.
Delight Eclipse: I will try my best not too sensitive if i made you furous. i won't run away from you. -.-; That's why the past is too hard for me to go away!
Ton tetsu: -hug-
Delight Eclipse: -hugs back-
Ton tetsu: Sometimes I forget just how much you've been through.
Delight Eclipse: I know. x.x;
Delight Eclipse: I've noticed. it's nothing to bother me. I know that.
Ton tetsu: I have to respect that.
Delight Eclipse: ^^;
Delight Eclipse: You bet. As long as you respect forever like angel.
Ton tetsu: Oh, you have no idea how many times I've been called an angel or a dream. ;-)
Delight Eclipse: lol
Ton tetsu: But, you know, it's a little more meaningful when it comes from somebody who has seen the darker, ugly side of humanity
Delight Eclipse: oh. warning , sometimes i feel not well like drawing manga. It's my mood. =\........ Maybe it take me so forever of waiting until i feel be ready or whatever not. I did that happened before. I always feel like giving up on manga. i most intenrsted in drawng like a poster or wallpaper or whatever .e.e;
Ton tetsu: Well, art is a mood, I guess. No controlling it. :p
Delight Eclipse: Lol
Ton tetsu: Look at you.
Delight Eclipse: hmm?
Ton tetsu: I was supposed to write job applications today, but you drained all my time except just enough to write one
Ton tetsu: It's your fault if I don't get a job ;-)
Delight Eclipse: ><
Delight Eclipse: You should've told me before.
Delight Eclipse: I can ask someone else to play with me instead you cuz job is very important to you .
Ton tetsu: Nah
Ton tetsu: You're more interesting ;-)
Delight Eclipse: I'm serious if it's my fault. it'd be making me more pissed off myself.
Delight Eclipse: >.<
Ton tetsu: Don't worry about it.
Delight Eclipse: hell no i want you to have more money for your future! O_O
Ton tetsu: I'd much rather hear from you than do these things anyway
Ton tetsu: Money will come. No worries. :p
Delight Eclipse: you better not fooling me !
Ton tetsu: But my time is up - gotta go
Ton tetsu: I ain't fooling you, girl
Delight Eclipse: ^^: ok
Delight Eclipse: See you later!
Ton tetsu: Like I said, you earned my respect.
Ton tetsu: That counts for a lot in my world.
Ton tetsu: Catch you later
Delight Eclipse: ok ^^: Take care. Bye