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Q1. GunBound guild? And why Innuendo?

Why? No particular reason. I just thought about doing it one day, and after a little while, I did it. I thought it'd be nice if we could have something next to your names, more or less. I don't plan on making Innuendo a "rank 3500 or lower only no turtles blah blah blah" guild or anything like that. Just for kicks.

Innuendo came about because of the current conversation in #mobius. I think a couple of people were busy scrutinizing each other's statements and reading between the lines, and I just thought "okay, why not." Plus, we need something to balance all the horribly unreadable lame guild names out there. (

Q2. What are the requirements?

Copied and pasted from the guild page:

No playing requirements, no rank requirements (besides minimum), no nothing. Just for the heck of it. (

Q3. Why should I join?

No compelling reason. Plain and simple. You're welcome to do or not do as you see fit, plus join or leave at any time. I do have some things in the works which I'll make guild or #mobius only, but really, besides that, join if you wanna. I'm not gonna force you. (though I will bug you quite a bit ;p) (top)

Q4. How do I join?

Go to the GunBound website (here) and log in. Go to Community -> Guild List. You can search for either the guild name (Innuendo) or the guildmaster (tontetsu). Once there, click on Apply (or something like that :p) and just submit - you don't have to fill in the introduction section. Please either message me in #mobius or leave a memo to Tontetsu once you've accomplished this - otherwise, it may take a lot longer than necessary to recognize you. (top)

Q5. Can I join if I don't have anything to do with #mobius?

Hmm. You can certainly apply for membership, but you won't be a shoo-in. (Introducing yourself may be useful then.) If you're just looking for a guild to join, there are plenty others out there. Go look at the guild list.

You're strongly encouraged to come to EsperNet #mobius first and at least talk with us for a little bit. I personally don't care if your only motive is to get into Innuendo, but at least get along and play well with everyone else. Remember that you won't be guaranteed acceptance until (or unless) I get a clear signal that you're willing to be a positive (or neutral) part of the community. (

That's about it for now. Catch me in #mobius as Tontetsu (or memo me) on EsperNet or e-mail me at

-- pd