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Matsura Cup Invitational

sponsored by Turos

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Innuendo's first tournament, the Matsura Cup Invitational. A #mobius-only event, this is open to *anybody* in #mobius regardless of rank or ability. It's a straightforward single-elimination setup with the ultimate winner walking away with anything up to 20000 gold... from Turos' pocket.

Whether you're in it to take the prize home, prove yourself the king/queen, or just want to get a couple of games in, register now! There's no costs of any kind, and you have nothing to lose - after all, you play games, so you make money regardless of whether you win it all or not.

To register, send a memo to either Tontetsu or Turos (via EsperNet's MemoServ), or send an e-mail to with your IRC nickname, your GunBound name, and a simple "I want in on the Matsura Cup Invitational."

Tournament specifications: