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Q1. #mobius?

Yep. #mobius. It's a channel formed under the influence of Sonic the Hedgehog games/cartoons/general stuff, though that doesn't mean we only talk about Sonic. Actually, lately, we've hardly been talking about that at all. :p

The channel itself is the setting for a Sonic roleplay, an periodic ongoing event for the players to play out specific roles and the GMs to throw a wrench in things whenever they see fit. Other than that, it's pretty open and comfy. Like a good sofa. (

Q2. How do I get in the channel?

Due to a series of harassment incidents over time (and especially lately), #mobius has gone into something of a lockdown state. Basically, unless you're recognized by NickServ and permitted to join by ChanServ, you'll be automatically kick/banned. Not fun.

If you're being denied entry?


Q3. What about rules and regulations?

I'd go and type everything, but someone already has. (Thanks Ja.) So here it is: required reading. Further clarification shouldn't be necessary, but if it is, contact any of the regulars or operators present.

You'll be reminded of that link every time you enter the channel, and as it explicitly states - ignorance is not an excuse. We're all about having good times and stuff, but the rules are there for a reason. (top)

Q4. Who're the operators/people in charge?

The Ones you'll see are: (emphasis mine, please don't kill me :p)

You'll find out plenty about all of them as you hang out, believe me. :p (

Q5. Why am I sometimes muted?

When the RP is in session, the channel is muted. If you have a RP character, you will be voiced by an operator prior to the commencement of (or during) the session. Otherwise, you are not permitted to interfere. Attempting to subvert the moderation (noticing the entire channel, etc) is considered a Bad Thing and will be dealt with accordingly. Note that does not mean you *must* shut down all communications with anyone in the RP - just don't try to talk to everybody all at once. (top)

That's about it for now. Catch me in #mobius as Tontetsu (or memo me) via EsperNet or e-mail me at

-- pd