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This text was written to serve as a FAQ about exactly what PureDragon's Impulses serves as.

Q. So what exactly is PureDragon's Impulses supposed to be?
PureDragon's Impulses is simply a name for my web page services operation. So far, it has been strictly non-profit (or non-payment, for that matter). Although only two other sites are listed under the Impulses section, I've actually left this mark on other pages/sites, including the old web site for the IRC network MercuryNet (more on that in my own page). Those are also the only Impulse sites I host locally (eg. on my own web space).

Also, I kinda like the idea of everyone having a home page. Web surfing can get pretty boring sometimes.

Q. Why should I ask you to (help) create my web page(s)?
Beats me. Why should you?

Q. Seriously.
As this is a gratis service, I'm not out to sell myself to anyone on this one. The primary reason this exists is because I'm a charitable kinda guy, believe it or not. I don't sell my services. People ask, and I provide. If you must, I'm young, don't know any better, have a couple of years of HTML/website creation experience under my belt, have about three times that programming in various languages, etc. I also provide maintenance and updates as requested, can add JavaScript fun and Java applets (after summer 2000, CGI/perl and DHTML capability should also be ready), and have not yet had one unsatisfied customer (so to speak). If you don't have web space (and don't want to get one from the numerous free outlets available), I also host it under my responsibility.

Q. Uh huh. You sound like you're a little too much wind.
Okay, I don't do it all. If a project requires technologies beyond reasonable for a free-service provider, I most likely will reject it (not always, though...). I am not a graphical artist; occasionally I may spur another on to join me in charity but for the most part, graphical materials must be supplied. Things that are a no-no: blinking text, "cute" status messages, themes I do not consent to, things restricted by my web space suppliers (respect them!), and so on.

Q. So how do I know what isn't acceptable?

Q. Will you charge for this service at any time?
Considering that about 100% of the customers (so to speak) are friends/relatives/organizational affiliations/etc. of mine, I don't foresee that occuring. I suppose, if you want to look for a cost: I reserve the right to put your site up under the PureDragon's Impulses section, as well as add some text in your website denoting I coded it. If I feel that there are any conditions which might arise in which I would feel justified in asking for monetary compensation, I will inform in advance as to allow the customer (so to speak) to decide.

Q. Hm. So who do you do this for?
Friends. Or friends of friends. Generally speaking, if I am not familiar with the customer (so to speak) on a certain level, I will not provide these services for free. However, I tend to engage mouth before brain, so if you have a verbal consignment from me, I intend to honor it as if it were written. (I may need reminders, but don't be cute. I generally remember very well who asks/has what.)

Q. Okay, despite your rambling, I want to ask you to help me out with something.
Sure. Send me an e-mail to with: your name, some contact information, and a general theme/idea for it. Or, fill out an Impulse Request (soon to come form). We'll talk from there.

Q. Now that this is done, how do I go back to what I was looking at?
Back button. ;) Select another area to attend to, or return to the main page and proceed.