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News! - Tufts University has decided to strip a Christian fellowship of its recognition because it refused to allow an admitted homosexual into its leadership. For info and etc., select the Tufts entry on the menu on the side or at the bottom.

ey there. Yes, this would be another shot at the web page. Those of you (and to my surprise, there were actually quite a bit of you) who've been tracking my web page for stuff noticed that this has disappeared for years. I can't promise an instant resurrection; the sheer quantity of things I want to put in will take months.

I tried my best to preserve the old stuff and the new stuff that was occupying web space previously (Jean and Julie, tell me if you want me to take down your final projects, or else I'm keeping them up). But why a new web page and a new look? How embarrassed do you think I am of the old one now? ;) I kept it up under Version 1 for a good laugh (or an indication of insanity).

In all honesty, there was too much to do and the limited structure I had created was too... well... convincingly... boring. So, in my decision to re-arrange my priorities, the web page took the back burner for years, until now. Hopefully this will prove to be slightly more flexible than the last.

What's Impulses? (PureDragon's Impulses, thank you very much) Why do I have two web sites? What are those other people doing here? As people start asking these questions, I'll answer them and collate them into a FAQ, but for now just e-mail them to me and I'll do my best to answer. (note to self: CGI that)

Please note that the version 1 website is being stored non-locally in a server in California by the name of, which tends to be somewhat slow. I'm looking to finding other server solutions, but I have a strange affinity to the group of people whom the server administrators belong, so that might not happen for a while. Upon user request, I can transfer frequently-accessed files over to the faster (this) one and play a balancing game.

If you came in via a non-frames browser, you don't see the directory on the side; look below. If you don't have a JS-compatible browser, click here for a raw list.

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