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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

"I think once you're an IVer, you're an IVer for life."

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is the one (Protestant) Christian group on campus which belongs to a larger organization on a national - and even international - level. The chapter at the UR has a primarily Caucasian membership. It is student-run with the help and mentoring of "staff-workers," who hold official jobs working for the IV organization. The fellowship meets every Friday evening and has organized small groups open to all students. There are also regularly scheduled fellowship activities and events throughout the year. IV, unlike the other two fellowships, is not affiliated with any particular church. Thus, the students attend different churches in the local community on Sundays. The following are quotes taken from student interviews and questionnaires.

"They were very bright and up-beat... I just had this overwhelming feeling that that was where I needed to be and that I needed to be a part of that community."

"I think the great thing, the different thing about InterVarsity for me is just about the level of participation that you have, just how you can interact and what you're able to do, as a young adult."

"I like the sincere/honest sharing and the people."

"It can be a bit cliquish at times."

"I just went to one of their [IV] events and I met everyone there and they were so nice, and I just started going to their Friday night meetings, and immediately I just joined."

"I dislike the racial homogeneity."

"I didn't think I would make the type of connections that I've made with the types of people that I've made these connections with. Just very different people than I'm used to."

"It definitely meets needs for Christian fellowship and friendship and both challenges and supports me in my faith."

"Too much pressure to participate in lots."

"I like the people and I like the commitment to Christ."

"There's this feeling that it's sort of a larger community and this is one aspect of the community here, that it's all over the country."

"There's a lack of ethical diversity."

"I've seen it: people just don't move away. They just stay here, and they come still, and they've been graduated for a long time and they just can't get away from us."