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UR Campus Christianity: IWC

Research Project Contributors

Thanks to Ken Lee and Ho-Joon Lee for the photographs used on the web page. :)

A very special thanks to my little brother, Andrew Kwon, for all his time, help and patience. If it wasn't for him, this web page certainly would not exist. :)

Finally, I owe much gratitude to the very obliging students, pastors, fellowships and professors whose cooperation made this research project possible. :)

Webmaster's section:
Thank you for reading.

Jeandarlae really poured her heart into this, and I pray that you can look past my lack of skills and see what she has to offer.

This site was first brought online in the spring of 1999. At the time of writing, it's been three years since - Jeandarlae has since left Rochester and is now happily married (wai! ^_^).

So why do I still maintain this, even though no one seems to visit it? If only one person reads this, and asks themselves

why? what is it they believe in? what do they have that i do not?

It's all worth it. :) -- Andrew Kwon (, 2002.4.4