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Q1. Any upcoming tournaments or favors?

Current tournaments open: Matsura Cup Invitational. Click here for more information.

One request available: (from PureDragon) Innuendo needs a better logo. That grayscale gradient text sucks. 30k gold (as either a gifted 30k item or part of a larger gift) to the person who submits a better design that ultimately winds up being used. Don't pour your hearts out into this (it's better than 10k, but not the world, let's be realistic), but someone can definitely do better than my two minutes with a cheap graphics program. Deadline: open-ended, or whenever I find one I like. (open to any #mobius) (top)

Q2. What are the guild tournament/request rules?

Note: this is just for events/favors sponsored by me (PD). Though I like to think of it as a recommended template, other people are quite able to change what aspects they do or do not like.

For any rewards, they can either be claimed immediately as a gift item less than or equal to that value, or "stored" with the sponsor towards a better item. If money gifting is implemented, that will be the primary means of dispersal.

Favors will be as detailed or not as the sponsor deems necessary, but must include the minimum: the sponsor, a task, conditions for completion, and reward value.

Tournaments will adhere to the following guidelines:


Q3. What can I do with my earnings?

Currently, get an item of that value or less gifted to you, or build it up with the sponsor for future larger gifts. If money gifting is enabled in GunBound, that sum must be transferred. (top)

Q4. Who's in charge of this stuff?

Whoever sponsors anything. Right now, just me (PD). (top)

Q5. Can other people host this too?

Yes. But in order to set up a favor or a tournament, you must have the funds available to pay whatever rewards established before you initiate anything. Of course, it's never a Good Idea to spend away someone else's gift before they claim it - I'll devise some way of holding people accountable. (top)

That's about it for now. Catch me in #mobius as Tontetsu (or memo me) via EsperNet or e-mail me at

-- pd